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Utility Information

Municipal Water and Sewer

The Village of Ashland is now a part of the Cass Rural Water System.  Water is supplied to the community through agreement with the City of Virginia.  Additionally, supplemental water is provided by the North Morgan Water District. 


Ashland has a fully developed storm and sanitary sewer system across the Village. 


Current Water/Sewer Rates:


First 1000 gallons $27.50

Additional 1,000 gallons $14.75



First 1000 gallons $10.75

Additional 1,000 gallons $4.70

Maintenance Fee $1.05

Minimum Bill $39.30

Bulk Water $15.00


Pay your Water Bill

The village of Ashland recently passed Electric Aggregation by referendum.  This means that the village contracts with a private electric supplier for a discounted rates on power.  This power is then supplied to the home by Ameren Illinois which owns and operates the electrical grid and delivery infrastructure.  All billing occurs through Ameren Illinois even though they are not the power supplier.  


Electric Aggregation allows all residents to benefit from bulk purchase of power and that savnigs is passed on to each customer. 


This program is an "opt out" program meaning that you are automatically enrolled in the program.  There is nothing needed on your part to realize the savings!


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